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A global lab where research and policy join hands to drive social progress.

Data-driven research partnerships that put people first.

With a focus on rigour and a determination to amplify the voices of marginalized people around the world, we partner with governments, civil society groups, and others to uncover evidence-based solutions to social and economic concerns.

Our model is rooted in research-practice partnerships, working with partners to deeply understand the unique challenges their communities face. We use data-driven research to co-develop workable solutions, to rigorously test them in programs and policies, and iterate as necessary. This iterative approach ensures that solutions are responsive to the evolving needs of communities facing pressing concerns across six major themes: Education, Work, Health, Women and Girls, Governance, and the Environment.

At the Forward Society Lab, we are committed to human-centric research where the rigour of research is paired with a passion for social progress. Our logo celebrates “fos”–the Greek word for light–and represents our commitment to seeing, understanding, and learning from the communities with whom we work.

Mission & Vision

Uncovering new evidence to help build an equitable future for all.

Together with partners, we use data-driven research to create a more equitable future for communities around the world.

We envision a world where marginalized and disadvantaged members of society feel seen, heard, understood, and prioritized.

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Our Team

Led by faculty members in the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto, our team includes social scientists, policy experts, and research practitioners committed to equity and inclusion.

Meet Our Team

Policy Partners

At FOS, we believe every collaboration is a unique opportunity to listen, learn, and make lasting change. Our partners are governments at all levels, civil society groups, nonprofits, and anyone working to improve the lives of marginalized people.


Our work is generously supported by foundations, governments, and individuals who share our vision for a more equitable future shaped by human-centric empirical research.

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Research Affiliates

Our work is strengthened by the expertise of dozens of academics and experts around the world.

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