Research Partnerships

We conduct collaborative, on-the-ground research across five continents.

Data-driven research partnerships that put people first.

Across six major themes, our research partnerships amplify the voices of marginalised people.

Through dozens of partnerships across the globe, we leverage data and state-of-the-art research methods to uncover evidence that helps move society forward. Our research partnerships are long-term relationships that provide the opportunity for sustained action and collaboration across several different policy projects.

The projects formed within each partnership are generated through ongoing, collaborative efforts with local partners to understand their unique challenges and to produce evidence-based solutions.

Research Themes

Our research partnerships address six major themes: Education, Work, Health, Women and Girls, Governance, and the Environment. Within each of these themes, we collaborate closely with local partners to ensure their expertise informs the research process.

Whether studying educational outcomes or public health initiatives, our research partnerships place a strong emphasis on equity. Learn more about our work across the globe by exploring each research theme.

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Become a Partner

We work with governments at all levels, civil society groups, nonprofits, and anyone working to improve the lives of marginalised people. Our partnership model designates shared ownership of goal-setting, research design, and project outcomes.

Though our partnership selection process is rigorous, we welcome proposals from any organisation or individual that believes they may benefit from a collaboration with FOS.

We accept proposals on a cyclical basis during open call-for-proposal periods. To be notified when our next open proposal period begins, sign up below.