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Research-Practice Partnerships Explained ─ Financing Impact podcast with Raji Jayaraman

In this episode, FOS co-director Raji Jayaraman and practice partner at GIZ Rwanda Katia Halabi explain and reflect on research-practice partnerships (RPPs).

Development Faculty News In the Media June 2024

How Do Policymakers Interpret Different Types of Evidence? — VoxDevTalks with Eva Vivalt

In this episode, Eva Vivalt and Tim Phillips advise researchers on presenting their insights to policymakers.

Development Faculty News In the Media June 2024

The Evidence-to-Policy Pipeline

FOS Affiliate Eva Vivalt on how policymakers, practitioners, and researchers respond to and weigh evidence, revealing a preference for positive outcomes, context sensitivity, and local relevance.

Development In the Media May 2024

Too Good to Be True? How an Education Program Is Transforming the Lives of At-Risk Youth

Insights from FOS Affiliate Philip Oreopoulos and co-authors illuminating Pathways to Education's program impact on at-risk youth.

Education In the Media April 2024
A elementary student arrives for his first day back to school in Montreal, Monday, Aug. 28, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christinne Muschi 2024/06/CP168095958_web-e1718464644711.jpg

Press Release: Generating Evidence for Educational Outcomes in Puerto Rico Through Collaborative Partnerships

The Second International Symposium on Research and Impact in Education highlighted the value of research-practice partnerships in building and using evidence to inform education policy.

Education Conference Press Release March 2024

Advancing Women’s Representation and Opportunities in STEM Fields Through Exposure to Role Models

A summary of Clémentine Van Effenterre’s research in J-PAL's Policy Insights

Women and Girls In the Media February 2024
Woman Teacher With Female College Students Building Machine In Science Robotics Or Engineering Class 2023/08/AdobeStock_254379706-e1691637365294.jpeg

How the Wage-Setting Power of Firms Shapes Peru’s Economy

Insights into Peru's labour market: A VoxDev column by FOS Affiliate Pamela Medina Quispe and co-authors examining firms' wage-setting power and its influence on informality.

Work In the Media January 2024

Press Release: Forward Society (FOS) Lab Launches

FOS officially launched on November 30, 2023, with a program highlighting successful partnerships in education and workforce development and bringing together funding organizations advancing global equity.

Press Release Conference December 2023

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