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From Overwhelm to Opportunity: Gustavo J. Bobonis Champions Data-Driven Policy

Together with the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE), FOS Co-Director Bobonis and his team are working to address the unique concerns of Puerto Rico’s students and educators by promoting a culture of data-driven experimentation, identifying what works locally, and setting the stage for evidence-based policymaking.

Education In the Media November 2023

Interdisciplinary Workshop Forging a Path Between Causal Inference and Policy

Workshop co-organized by FOS, brought together data scientists, experts in the causal inference literature, and applied researchers, fostering collaborative exploration and amplifying the impact of causal inference and data science research on real-world policy challenges.

Workshop November 2023

FOS Co-Director Distinguished as Evidence Champion by J-PAL North America

Gustavo J. Bobonis was recognized as one of two inaugural J-PAL North America Evidence Champions for his extraordinary contributions to evidence-based policymaking.

Faculty News September 2023

Learning by Doing Together: Improving Education Policy in Puerto Rico through a Research-Practice Partnership

Puerto Rico’s public school system identified a need for reform even before COVID-19. To respond to these needs, FOS Co-Director Gustavo Bobonis and a research team established a research-practice partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE).

Education In the Media July 2023
School building in old San Juan, Puerto Rico 2023/08/iStock-483117448-e1691645780488.jpg

A Gender Gap in Commercializing Scientific Discoveries

FOS Affiliate Marlène Koffi focuses on the barriers faced by women when commercializing scientific discoveries. In a research study with Matt Marx, Koffi characterizes the gender dynamics of scientific commercialization in the full canon of scientific inquiry.

Work Women and Girls In the Media July 2023

InequaliTalks podcast by Clémentine Van Effenterre: Gender Inequality in Peruvian Trade, with Pamela Medina Quispe

In this episode, Pamela Medina Quispe explores how Chinese import competition in Peru negatively impacts women's participation in the labour market. She points to the exposure to competition in the manufacturing industry as a force pushing women into the unstable, informal sector.

Women and Girls Work Faculty News July 2023

Examining the Roots of Corruption: International Team Studies How and Why Votes Are Bought

Researchers partnered with a local NGO in the semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil to evaluate if citizens that feel more economically secure are less likely to engage in clientelism.

Governance Environment In the Media March 2023
Man and Donkey

How Does Living with In-Laws Affect Women’s Employment?

Women in India have one of the lowest rates of labour force participation in the world. They also co-reside with their parents-in-law at unusually high rates.

Women and Girls Work In the Media March 2023
UN Women/Second Chance Education Programme

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