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InequaliTalks podcast by Clémentine Van Effenterre: Gender Inequality in Peruvian Trade, with Pamela Medina Quispe

In this episode, Pamela Medina Quispe explores how Chinese import competition in Peru negatively impacts women's participation in the labour market. She points to the exposure to competition in the manufacturing industry as a force pushing women into the unstable, informal sector.

Women and Girls Work Faculty News July 2023

Examining the Roots of Corruption: International Team Studies How and Why Votes Are Bought

Researchers partnered with a local NGO in the semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil to evaluate if citizens that feel more economically secure are less likely to engage in clientelism.

Governance Environment In the Media March 2023
Man and Donkey

How Does Living with In-Laws Affect Women’s Employment?

Women in India have one of the lowest rates of labour force participation in the world. They also co-reside with their parents-in-law at unusually high rates.

Women and Girls Work In the Media March 2023
UN Women/Second Chance Education Programme

A Decade of School Consolidations in Puerto Rico Didn’t Hurt Test Scores, and Some Students Saw Achievement Gains

A new study of roughly 400 school consolidations shows that policymakers can boost student achievement while addressing demographic challenges

Education Press Release February 2023

At A Loss With Biodiversity Loss?

Where does one even begin to tackle biodiversity loss? The problem of climate change is instructive in this regard. It too poses an existential threat but, although we have a long way to go, addressing climate change is on our radars in a way that biodiversity loss is not.

Environment In the Media February 2023
Rain Forest

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